The list of items that are unhealthy for you might seem long, but does your diet include enough items from the list of healthy items? The discussion of “unhealthy” diet aside, are you consuming enough healthy food into your daily food intake? Studies show that not consuming enough healthy foods, may put you at a higher risk for death than that of tobacco and high blood pressure. Focus has changed from looking at how many unhealthy foods you consume and measuring if you are consuming an adequate amount of healthy foods for a well rounded diet.

What foods are included on the list of healthy foods though? This list consists of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes, healthy fats, and lean meats. We know that sugary drinks, high sodium intake and trans fatty foods are not the healthiest choices but did you also know that red and processed meats should not be the main choice for protein intake? This study is not necessarily suggesting to never eat these unhealthy foods, but to limit them to maybe 1-2 times a week rather than daily multiple intake consumption. When you fill your gut with many items from the list above of healthy foods, chances are that you will be full with a gut of healthy foods. A healthy gut reduces your risk of heart related diseases that lead to 10 million deaths a year world wide, and obesity related cancers that are currently affecting the lives of 913,000 people. Type 2 diabetes is at an all time high which is causing the death toll to have risen to 339,000.

The U.S. is currently at 43 on the list for deaths related to unhealthy diets. This number does not account for the individuals suffering with health related issues caused from consuming a high content of unhealthy items, nor does it include the amount of individuals living a life un-diagnosed that continue consuming a high amount of foods from the list of unhealthy ingredients.

Make the change today to choose the healthy alternative. Fill your fridge with more fruits and vegetables to have on hand; grab a handful of grapes or berries the next time you have a sweet tooth. Choose your health over the unhealthy option next time you are making your grocery list. Don’t be afraid to experiment and substitute ingredients with vegetables or other healthy alternatives. Attached is a website I frequent often for healthy recipes that taste delicious as well. Have fun with it and fuel your body with healthy options!