Do you or someone you know been diagnosed with arthritis? According to the PT Journal Vol. 94 no. 10 1383-1395 October 2014 article, osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis with the knee, hand, hip, and spine being the most symptomatic body parts affected.  When land-based strengthening and aerobic conditioning are no longer viable options due to pain, therapeutic aquatic exercise should be considered. According to the article, the overall effects had small but significant effects on pain, stiffness, self-reported function, objectively measured physical function and thereby having a positive effect overall on quality of life. Were you aware that Premier Therapy can offer you these benefits in our 5-foot deep SwimEx Therapy Pool?  If patients need assistance to access  the pool, an ADA-standard hydraulic lift chair is available. Schedule a consultation to see if aquatic therapy is right for you!!