What are the differences from running outdoors versus running on a treadmill?

1. Treadmill running is a tiny bit easier due to not fighting wind resistance. There is some belief that increasing the incline to 1% will make up for this but it simply doesn’t add up to anything significant unless you’re running 7:09 pace or faster.

2. A treadmill offers a certain amount of compliance or springiness, which helps to reduce forces through the joints.

3. Treadmill running is a great way to figure out your cadence–that is how many times the same foot touches the ground in one minute. Your stride cadence should be 90 or above. If it’s any less than that, you’re overstriding which could lead to injury.

4. Don’t hold on to the handrail or console. Not only will you get less of a workout, holding on compromises your natural biomechanics. The handrails are there only to help you safely get on and off the treadmill.


Happy hamster wheel running!