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bob-m“This is the place to make you go. I have never felt better”
– Bob M, Retired!

paulf“Premier has been an invaluable resource. I am now able to perform all required duties to do my job”
– Paul F., UPS


Our Feet!

Have you ever thought of how important your feet are? They are the first thing that hit the ground and can account for stressors [...]

Concussions and You

There sure is a lot of talk about concussions these days. Did you know 85% of concussions resolve in the first 6 months since [...]

Reduce Running Forces With An App

Excessive impact forces during running can lead to acute and chronic related injuries. These injuries can include: -Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome -Iliotibial Band Syndrome -Tendinitis [...]

Treadmill Running Tidbits!

What are the differences from running outdoors versus running on a treadmill? 1. Treadmill running is a tiny bit easier due to not fighting [...]